Umbraco Accessibility Awareness Day

Join us for the first ever Umbraco Accessibility Awareness Day


When is it?

20th May 2021

Where is it?

Everywhere (It's a virtual event)

What is it?

There are still knowledge gaps around accessibility issues and many barriers and hurdles still exist when building and developing websites. UMBRAAD is an opportunity for Umbraco and web practitioners to get together, learn and discuss accessibility in general, find out what's happening with Umbraco accessibility and to pick up any tools and techniques that may help them improve the accessibility of their sites.



1:30pm BST (2:30pm CEST) - Mike Masey, An Introduction to Accessibility

2:00pm BST (3:00pm CEST) - Niels Lyngsø, How accessibility will be catered for in the future Umbraco BackOffice

2:30pm BST (3:30pm CEST) - Joe Glombek, Mapping our journey to accessibility: What we can learn about accessibility from maps

3:00pm BST (4:00pm CEST) - Danny Lancaster, A11Y and Digital Illusions

3:30pm BST (4:30pm CEST) - Claudia Escorcia, Designing and testing for Voiceover

4:00pm BST (5:00pm CEST) - Matt Wise, Getting involved with Umbraco A11Y Team

4:30pm BST (5:30pm CEST) - Closing words & thanks

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